Friday, May 24

Bunker dining

Whether it’s the demise of mid-market restaurants or your local pub, the drift to eating and drinking in the comfort our homes remains the trend. And why not when the fare on offer is so superior. I long ago gave up on the prospect of eating decent food in local hostelries; the aim in frequenting the Dog & Duck or Le Chicken-in-a-basket is the company and the crac rather than the culinary experience. Much better everyone slops their food and drink, throws up, over someone else’s carpet rather than yours. If you really want to treat people, however, or be treated in return, then home it is. Today’s ultra-fresh sole was far superior to any of the so-called fish restaurant meals I’ve eaten this past couple of months, and the wine a fraction of the price. Having to wash dishes and carry guests to their car seems little enough burden.

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