Monday, July 30

The grim reality of modern life

Gudgeon’s adventure into non-alcoholic beers continues. I’d like to say we’ve come a long way since Barbican and Kaliber, and yet… My default this past couple of years has been Becks Blue. Initially I thought it as vile as the first two, but the taste has grown on me. During our recent fine weather have been using a pub near Newton Abbot that has a beer garden but only stocks Heineken 0.0 (jury is still out). Another local I frequent has an interesting variation produced by Brauerei Pinkus Muller. Today’s ‘treat’ was Pistonhead Flat Tyre from a Swedish outfit. While I’d love to say something interesting about these beers, truth is they are all crap and a disgrace to the very concept of beer. I thought banning smoking in pubs will kill them, though admitting people with children came close. Non-alcoholic beer could prove the coup de grâce.

For some perspective I’d add that categorising alcohol-free beers as crap is no different to my comparing Starbucks/Costa with a cup of decent coffee. When pushed – when there’s no alternative – I’ll continue to drink what’s on offer.

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