Wednesday, July 18

Major disappointment

I’m reasonably fussy about food. However there are occasions – surrounded by builders – when you have to resort to convenience. I say occasionally…we’ve lived here for seven years and have never had the opportunity to try our local chippy. It’s a 5* rated establishment, at least according to Trip Advisor’s contributors. Having lived and worked in ports such as Aberdeen and Yarmouth, and as an occasional visitor to Scunthorpe, Grimsby and Hull, I’m not adverse to chippies – like to think of myself as something of an aficionado. Gudgeon has driven to Brixham, Dartmouth and Plymouth on numerous occasions for such a treat. So it was with an enthusiastic expectation – following a physically demanding day – I sauntered down the hill this evening and ordered two large haddock and chips from the formidable looking staff. Garbage! No other word to describe it. And you wonder why the nation’s health is in such poor repair.

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