Tuesday, July 10

Heads they win, tails we lose

Repeat trips to town today. Initially for paint (more samples, decisions to make). Second run to retrieve documents from solicitors (boundary dispute). Have to hand it to Exeter, it’s a city on the make – Southernhay was wall to wall totty. Plymouth twice last week, and they appear to be headed in the opposite direction: an archetypal ‘northern city in decline’, right here in River City. …Would love to be engaged – comment – on this week’s Brexit excitement/resignations. However, politics, my attention, is eclipsed by the evening semi-final. Can’t believe I’m shouting for the frogs (never forgave the Belgians for depriving us of ammunition during the Falkland’s campaign – more than enough reason to walk away). How about a face off on the final: England v France – we stay or leave depending on the result, winner takes all? A better bet than our relying on Theresa May.

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