Tuesday, July 17

Eye of beholder

To Exeter this morning for supplies. There’s an unspoken assumption that in my dotage and in order to be closer to services we’d gravitate back to the city. Please god it’s not for another couple of decades. ...Dropped in on the V&A’s travelling show at the raam – ‘Pop Art in Print’ (Warhol, Lichtenstein, Caulfield, Hamilton, et al). Worth a look, though I’m with Tom Wolfe when it comes to this sort of thing. While much of the music has stood the test of time, pop art reminds me of the sort of thing we used to knock out as fourth formers in Bert Cheadle’s art class at Crap Street Secondary Modern.

When the millennial hipster behind the till of the gents outfitters complements you on your choice of shirts, you know you’ve selected the wrong ones.

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