Wednesday, June 13

Attempting to shackle the market

Men should stop trying to be like Gladiator Russell Crowe in the boardroom if there is ever going to be complete gender parity in the workplace, an education chief has said. Alpha males dominating boardrooms and treating the office like the Colosseum must come to an end to allow ‘feminine traits’ to be expressed and equally valued, Cheryl Giovannoni, chief executive of the Girls' Day School Trust (GDST), suggests.    …I’d make two points. The first is that – aside from the necessity of paying my rent and putting food on the table – the whole point of work IS to behave like a gladiator. While we might not be competing on a football pitch or in the ring, being matched against our rivals is what gets us out of bed every morning. My second point relates to ‘feminine traits’. Because I couldn’t be arsed to reach for the controls last night, I ended up watching ten minutes of the BBC television programme Grammar Schools: who will get in? And I could not help noticing the featured grammar was dominated front and centre by a significant number of strapping African girls. I can’t imagine these formidable-looking young women are any more the shrinking violet than either of the alpha Williams sisters – and somehow in need of our protection. Let’s not sell our daughters short, nor emasculate our sons.

A similar observation from Sex and the City.

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