Sunday, June 3

Live and let live

I bow to no man in my admiration for the dipstick from Middlesbrough. Rod Liddle’s latest whinge, however, grates a little. I haven’t really got a dog in fight – am the sort who goes out of his way to carry a spider outside rather than flush it down the lavatory. But his predictable townie v country-folk attitude to wildlife seems at odds with most Millwall fans I know (bludgeon anything and everything). Wherever I’ve lived I have tried to fit in, and when faced with something outside my competence, defer to the experienced hand (local competence). If my neighbours insist on shooting badgers to protect their cattle then more power to their elbow. I can’t get my head round a society that votes so enthusiastically to abort babies but is aghast at the thought of people on horseback chasing foxes.

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