Thursday, June 28

Here we go, here we go...

Sunshine brings out the best in people. In town this morning everyone was smiling and waving to each other. Even Gudgeon the grump played along, dancing to a Barry Manilow number with the girl queueing in front of me at the Kwik-E-Mart till. I’d have loved an invite to whatever party she was attending, given her purchases included two litres of vodka and four cases of lager. …Am not sure it’s for effect or the reality of his position, but the vicar’s patched cassock and 25 year old Mazda doesn’t exactly promote the brand. …Have been wakened at dawn every day this week by man delivering logs for the wood shed. By the time breakfast comes around, two or so hours later, there’s a feeling you’ve earned it. …Builder arrives tomorrow to begin one of those periodic maintenance programmes. Several weeks of disruption. Mrs G. has gutted those parts of the homestead affected, yours truly left with a single chair, a television set and a fridge full of beer. I’ve yet to miss a game and am looking forward to this evening. Needless to say the barbecue is working overtime – a veritable kebab extravaganza. ...Government Remainiacs must be praying England don’t make it past the quarterfinals as our jingoism will know no bounds. A hard Brexit will be the least of it.

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