Friday, May 11


WVM delivered our monthly supply of coffee this morning. My father was more than happy with his post-war coffee/chicory essence and would be shocked by the amount we now spend on premium roast beans. …A neighbour asks if I can recommend a tradesman to work on one of his rental properties in town. I’ve a number of good friends who each have up to a dozen buy to let investments. All struggle to understand or choose to ignore why millennials are so bitter and twisted, why young people remain unhappy lining the pockets of rentiers instead of owning their own homes. …I know it’s in the news just now but it was still disturbing to bump into a familiar face and learn his wife has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. …Drove home from the market behind several Triumph Stags with Swiss plates, presumable on a tour of the West Country. The Stag was always a thing of beauty, albeit an unreliable piece of shit. ...Have just purchase my fourth (fifth?) successive pair of Scarpa walking boots. They don’t seem to last as long as they once did, perhaps because I treat them so abysmally – our disposable society. …Do you find that tart fronting Nationwide’s TV advert as irritating as I do? ...£50m for grammar schools? Though not a fan of grammars, I suspect our much maligned middle class pay more than their fair share of taxes – deserve some payback. There has to be more to life than our continual fixation with the bottom 20 per cent.

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