Wednesday, May 9

There’s always someone out to get you

To the area general hospital this morning for an exercise in box-ticking. The usual quota of old folks seated in the waiting room. Decent enough people, just a bit worn. Doubtless living in the same old house where they bought up their kids – all long gone of course, children of their own now (millennials). Pretty happy with their lot, eking out a pension with a bit put by in the Post Office earning half of one percent. Though they own their house, like them it has seen better days. Had to arrange an equity loan to replace the roof, wondering if they can increase it to cover a new kitchen. Too big for them really and costs a packet to heat, but there are so many memories and nowhere suitable to move to. Wondering how they’d cope if that evil bastard Willetts got his way and doubled their council tax. Thankful they can vote.

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