Thursday, May 10

In the shadow of brighter sparks

While waiting my turn with a consultant yesterday I sat perusing the New Statesman magazine. I know, I know – but I’d read everything else. Skipping through Paul Mason’s guff on the meaning of Marxism today, I settled on a millennial essay decrying the new cult of perfectionism – spawn of neoliberal meritocracy. You’d think millennials were the first generation required to come to terms with being sorted, sifted and ranked. I thought about the article again this morning when reading Gerald Moore’s obituary in the papers. “Polymath Moore was an oral surgeon with the soul of an artist, a doctor with a Harley Street practice whose paintings were good enough to be exhibited alongside David Hockney, and who found time away from his surgery and his studio to run a safari park and a motor museum in the grounds of his palatial home – a published poet, novelist and an author of children’s books, etc, etc...” In other words a right clever Dick. Regretfully it’s the fate of every generation of mere mortals that we are required to live in the shadow of those who can run faster and jump higher.

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