Saturday, April 28

Supplementary charges or just paying your way?

This week, Londoner Rosie French got a surprise when she checked her bill at east London restaurant Ombra. Alongside her starter of burrata and two tagliatelle mains was a £1.50 “Parmisan supplement”. “Wasn't mentioned to us during the awkward, painfully slow, grating at the table. Would have let her carry on had we known,” she tweeted. The parmesan supplement was, in fact, listed at the end of the menu, priced at £1. French, who is also a chef, tweeted her experience to food critic Jay Rayner, and the subsequent barrage of responses was illuminating: tweeters loathed what they saw as unfair supplementary charges at restaurants. 

I imagine few diners appreciate how difficult it is to make a living in the restaurant business. If eating out is a bit rich for you, despite the many wine drinkers (300% mark-up) that subsidise your meal, stay home and order a Domino’s pizza. Better still, buy something from the corner shop and heat it up yourself.

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