Saturday, April 21

Robbing Peter to pay Paul

“The cracks are showing in Austerity Britain,” says Matthew Parris, “Unfilled potholes put lives at risk and have become a symbol of the damage done to every walk of life by spending cuts.” Although we are a high tax country it will never be enough. Hard choices have to be made, but not until after the next general election – post Brexit. Theresa May broached the subject prior to our voting at the last election and promptly lost her majority. If you’re going to steal people’s money it’s best not to warn them in advance. As to pot holes…I seem to recall Labour have promised the under 25’s free bus travel, to be paid for by raiding council pothole funds. In the end it will always come down to robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Middle earners suffer most under the taxman. The 400,000 people who pay additional-rate tax (including experienced nurses, teachers and police officers) contribute almost as much to the exchequer as the 25 million basic-rate taxpayers. In total, higher and top-rate taxpayers are responsible for more than two thirds of income tax receipts.

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