Sunday, April 15

Roast chicken, comfort food

A miserable (wet) morning in town. Much quieter with the holiday visitors on their way home. Today’s market was big on street food but short of produce. Settled for a chicken – currently on the spit – to cheer ourselves up. Roast spuds, carrots and parsnips... rainbow chard. A white Hermitage from one of the superstar (family) producers.

A musical about the cold war during perestroika: what could go wrong? And yet, given this past couple of weeks, its revival seems inspired! I was at the Prince Edward Theatre in 1986 when the original production aired. Peasant that I am, however, I found Chess as big a yawn then as I do now. I also recall the session at Langan’s more than compensated.

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Bernie Gudgeon said...

OK so it wasn’t Langans but that Italian joint opposite the Law Courts. I suspect the bottle of Hine was a contributory factor in my misremembrance.