Friday, April 20

‘Rivers of blood’ anniversary

Wolverhampton West’s ‘infamous’ MP. Infamous or not, Enoch Powell was a reflection of the times, a popular man…and looking back, am not so sure society has moved on. We’ve reached an accommodation with each other, learnt to smile and to say the right thing. For a while during the 70s, around the 2 Tone era, I thought we were getting there… Powell seems such a long time ago. Three days after his speech, on St George’s Day, I walked into the army recruiting office in Wolverhampton and signed up.

Today’s newspaper review on the box touched on what interests the public and what is in the public interest. For many, today’s news centres on the Empire Windrush fallout and anti-Semitism, Brexit, the Commonwealth, toxic nerve agents and chemical weapons, cotton buds and plastic straws. For a similar number the news is primarily about our glorious weather, Dale Winton’s sad demise, the Irish Guard’s mascot and Meghan Markle. I’m not making judgements, just acknowledging the electorate’s diverse priorities.

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