Thursday, April 12

Fence sitting

“A YouGov poll for The Times finds that only 22 per cent support British airstrikes in Syria, with twice as many opposed. The survey, which only finished polling yesterday, found that 61 per cent think that the Assad regime or its allies probably did carry out a chemical attack.”

OK so he did it but we shouldn’t get involved, it’s nothing to do with us. Fair enough. If this is the general consensus, however, presumably the same holds true for the unfortunate Rohingyas in Myanmar: just another bunch of foreigners killing each another. Likewise in Hackney: knife crime is something that goes on in the black community and not my problem. How close to home does it have to be before we can be arsed? Most people probably wish we could wind the clock back, that Saddam Hussein was still running Iraq and keeping the local populace on a tight leash, acting as a bulwark to Iran.

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