Monday, March 12

New spending priorities

Given the potential for escalating hostilities, the most frustrating thing about the Skripal affair is having to rely on the word of our government (politicians tell porkies – weapons of mass destruction ). You know what they’re going to say: “Although we’ve no proof, ‘Wink wink nudge nudge. Say no more.’” On the face of it an assassination on foreign soil with a banned nerve agent that’s traceable to a specific Russian laboratory seems a tad reckless. Unless of course Putin wanted to give Britain a very public poke in the eye to see whether we’ve any balls left. We bottled out of Syria. Flying a succession of TU-160s in close proximity to UK airspace has failed to get a rise out of anyone, likewise sailing Russian naval vessels through the English Channel. Britain has a tentative foot in Eastern Europe, but would we fight to defend our allies? If Putin has ambitions I guess he needs to know. Just as well Hammond has decided austerity’s over and we can buy something to shoot back with. The NHS will have to muddle through for a bit longer.

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