Friday, March 23

Let’s not kid ourselves

Grammar schools have a limited impact on achievement because genetics determine academic success, says a study from King’s College London. Of course everyone concedes there are other reasons parents may opt to send their children to selective schools. I suspect your family’s socio-economic status is the primary determinate in what school you attend, however once we find ourselves amongst our own, the extent to which we sink or swim depends primarily on our individual effort and application – or so we’d like to think. Aside from a narrow group at both ends of the spectrum, I contend we’re all much of a muchness. One of us may have a natural aptitude for maths while another is big on languages; grafter you may be top of the class, while I, being lazy, bring up the rear. Our subsequent achievements, such as they are, we ascribe to innate talent and hard work, without acknowledging much of this was bequeathed to us by our parents, that we are little more than lottery winners.

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