Sunday, February 4

Sunday lunch: our deferred Burns supper

As luck would have it, today is a glorious (non-Scottish) Sunday – i.e. the sun is shining and in spite of the 2°C temperature all is right with the world. The homestead smells less of heather than freesias, hyacinth, daffodils and anemones. This year’s haggis is a novelty item from The farmer’s son. Not great. Maybe it has to do with haggis being derived from sheep’s bits rather than pork and beef. Why mess with tradition? Whatever … at least the whisky’s a Balvenie. Been a while since I visited Dufftown (there was a baker there that produced decent mutton pies). Today’s hooch is dispensed in attractive crystal tumblers bearing the ‘Farstad 1991’ logo. Assume we were working together at that time? Scandinavian shipowners were nothing if not generous.

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