Sunday, February 18

Non-processed food will also kill you – eventually

Visited two local butchers Saturday morning, before settling on ribeye steaks. Both are decent retailers but, while grateful butchers are returning to the high street, their produce remains a lottery. Even from my favourite suppliers; with beasts from the same field. Fortunately life has a way of balancing things out, and for every disappointment, some pleasant surprises. Today’s ‘Good Food Market’ came up trumps, not least the veal sweetbreads and multiple varieties of mushroom. The less said about Miguel’s marinated olives and much of the baking on offer the better.

It would be easy to take cheap shots, following Angela Rainer’s appearance on Marr. Fair’s fair, however, am always willing to listen. I draw the line at Jeremy Irons and Leslie Manville. To describe them as mincing luvvies would be far too kind. And don’t get me started on Guy Verhofstadt.

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