Tuesday, February 6

Neighbourhood is changing, evolving

Circle of life sort of thing. When we first arrived it was to join an older crowd who’d lived here for decades, had raised their share of kids, only to watch as adult offspring relocated to distant cities in pursuit of a career. In later years, sometimes for medical reasons, they too sought safety in towns and cities. Younger families have since moved in to replace them, children – lots of em – are reappearing. As with urban communities they’re a diverse bunch: from the Corbynistas that run bijou restaurants or work at something in the arts, to the skilled tradesmen with rapidly expanding businesses, high-end hippies in medicine and IT, and the establishment crowd that hunt and shoot. Everyone gets on famously, while also adhering to their respective tribal groups. This is no more apparent as when comparing the different styles of parenting and the schools the children attend, be they State, Steiner or Prep. I make no judgement, just the observation that as everyone appears content with their tribal fit, where exactly does the social mobility thingy come in?

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