Monday, February 26

Do we care?

“Shoppers may be forced to buy inferior milk from America.” In an era of 24hr news it must be tough to fill column inches. Shit – given the plethora of news sites – getting someone to read your stuff is a challenge. So-called click-bait headlines have become the weapon of choice. I doubt our shoppers will be ‘forced’ to buy anything, American or otherwise. What British consumers are partial to, however, is cheap produce. If Aldi or Lidl launched a special promotion selling dog turds at three-a-penny, half the population would rush to join the queue. We remain a nation of two halves: Remain or Brexit, Left or Right, Foodies or Famished, etc. I’ve no doubt half of us would happily live on a diet of pizza and fizzy pop ... remain blissfully unaware that milk comes from cows.

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