Tuesday, January 2

Thank god, it’s nearly over

The festive marathon, that is. I say ‘nearly’ as there’s one more dinner to attend before Dry January kicks in – and this evening’s, by tradition, is a heavy-duty affair. Let’s hope there’s enough brain cells left for me to play my part, humorous raconteur rather than inebriated bore. Given tonight’s fellow diners (serious people) and Gudgeon’s fragile state, am trying to distract myself by reading an article on dogmatism and fallibilism in science (my third non-alcoholic G&T in hand), the necessity of defending and/or contesting established paradigms. Call it an attempt at mental press ups. I used to do business with a serious sort who always picked up the tab but expected me to sing for my supper, and woe betide yours truly if whenever we met I hadn’t read the latest Economist Magazine cover to cover and failed to produce an original thought on whatever he decided was topic of the day, be it a particular sector of our industry or an obscure African nation he had his eye on. Here’s hoping tonight we limit ourselves to whether or not Tottenham will finish in the top four.

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