Saturday, January 6

Raising kids in the Badlands

I worry increasingly about the walk to school taken by my 13-year-old daughter. In September, my son will also attend a local high school, and already my wife and I are nervous about him having to walk past kids from other schools, through other postcodes, in his new uniform … Central to this chasm between rich and poor is crime and safety. Overwhelmingly it’s the poor who are the victims of crime. Mayor Sadiq Khan has presided over the highest knife murder rate since 2008 and the police have given up attending what they see as ‘minor’ crimes, including burglary and assault – crimes which don’t seem so minor when you are the victim. It’s time the government, mayor, and Met stopped fighting among themselves – and started working to ensure ordinary Londoners feel safe again. 

Suspect you’ll have to suck it up, Mr Piggott. Until Sadiq Khan adopts a Giuliani-style zero tolerance approach things will only get worse. I appreciate there’s an argument that NY’s problems were really solved by a rapidly expanding economy (jobs) rather than police action, but given the stratospheric expansion of London’s economy in recent years you can hardly adopt the same rationale. Robin Hood taxes to close the chasm between rich and poor also has its limits. My only suggestion would be to send your kids to a self-defence class and hire John Creasy as their bodyguard. Or return to Suffolk.

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