Monday, January 1

A glass half full sort of people

Most Britons believe that their job will be safe in 2018 and house prices will rise, according to a wide-ranging poll for The Times which also suggests that voters stayed resolute despite the political turmoil of the past 12 months. Undeterred by a turbulent 2017, more than half the population think that their personal financial situation will stay the same or improve over the next year, according to the annual YouGov “state of the nation” poll. Most Britons believe that they can weather a second interest rate rise, after the first increase for a decade, to 0.5 per cent, was imposed in November. The results are striking given that the past year has been one of intense political change, including the triggering of Article 50 starting the two-year countdown to Brexit, the loss by Theresa May of her Commons majority in a snap election in June and the resignations of three cabinet ministers in quick succession later in the year.

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