Monday, December 25

Seaweed, miso and even kimchi

Millennials are changing what we eat. Like most, I’ve travelled and absorbed influences from around the world, from around Britain; and yes I’m big on pickled stuff (there’s six or more varieties between the store cupboard, fridge and pantry, all homemade)…we eat sauerkraut every week. Giving up dairy products would be a problem, however, given my daily consumption of milk, yogurt, butter and cheese. I increasingly eat less meat and that’s more to do with portion control than frequency. The biggest switch in recent years is the absence of seasonings in the sense of sauces and spices to jazz things up – a ladle of supermarket gloop. The quality of food in this neck of the woods is so good it would be sacrilege, you’d miss the point.

Christmas Day permeates the homestead. Despite my condiment reticence, traditional lunch wouldn’t be the same without bread sauce, apple sauce, and sage and onion stuffing. Millennial food doesn't quite cut it at this time of year.

I’d be even more the grump sans our customary exchange of Xmas presents. It may ‘only’ be the traditional socks and books, a crate of vino and box of chocs, but we’re all just kids at heart. Thanks for the festive texts. Best wishes to everyone.

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