Wednesday, December 20

Heating the UK's housing stock

Landlords must improve the energy efficiency of F and G rated homes from next April under new regulations designed to protect vulnerable tenants and cut carbon emissions. Good luck with that one. Exhibit A is a copy of the homestead’s energy rating certificate from when we moved in several years ago. I doubt two coats of paint have improved things appreciably. Although Gudgeon goes on a bit about my fondness for ye olde wood stove, life at the homestead would be damn uncomfortable without one. The WHO standard on warmth (room temperature comfort level) is 18°C (64°F) for normal, healthy adults who are appropriately dressed. At this time of year, however, we fluctuate between 9-13°C. Throw a log on the fire and the homestead becomes a magical 21°C, my ideal medium. I could of course improve the energy efficiency, but – as the energy efficiency survey attests – only by razing the place to the ground and rebuilding. ...Truth is the two of us are significantly warmer here than in the barn (our previous home), where we were obliged to decamp to a tiny back bedroom every winter in order to survive. Damn green taxes...George bloody Monbiot.

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