Thursday, August 10

Clickety Click

Pastries and Pol Roger (2008 Blanc De Blancs) for breakfast.  

For ever year of life we light 
a candle on your cake 
to mark the simple sort of progress 
anyone can make, 
and then, to test your nerve or give 
a proper view of death, 
you’re asked to blow each light, each year, 
out with your own breath.    (James Simmons) 


Richard Morrison said...

Happy Birthday - hope you have a good day and a great year

Bernie Gudgeon said...

Thanks. Mrs G. appears to have scheduled a fresh bottle and an appropriate dish for just about every hour of the day. She is currently browning a mountain of suitably aged organic skirt for inclusion in what is destined to be the ultimate steak and mushroom pie. Painting the bathroom can wait for another day.