Monday, July 24

In another world, far, far away

Am listening to Eddie Mair on tonight’s PM talking to a show biz commentator about Love Island. He was holding it together so well, all the way from perplexed through to incredulity. Of course in the end Mair cracked and descended into sarcasm. As Tim Stanley says, the programme is smutty class voyeurism of the lowest order. It may be empty, pointless and stupid, but there’s no point getting your knickers in a twist. Two types of people watch this show: the rich laughing at the poor and the poor with terrible sense of aspiration. Why would you watch it? he says. How much of your precious, beautiful life are you wasting? Get off the sofa! Read a book! Find someone to have a relationship with!      …I bet Tim’s twitter thingamajig is on overdrive.

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