Saturday, July 22

Dining in the sticks

I’ve struggled to generate enthusiasm for Sea Bass. Yesterday’s fish, however, – fresh from Brixham Market – went a long way to correcting my opinion. Although we’re fortunate in the South West with the quality of produce, reading Giles Coren’s restaurant reviews from his recent trip to Bath (today’s Times) merely reinforces Gudgeon’s reluctance to eat out as regularly as was once the custom. As he says, you trek to wherever, eat a bad meal in a bad building surrounded by bad people, and then come home and try to forget about it. Even the good stuff rarely rates higher than 7/10. I’ve tried a couple last month that were 3/10 at best, and neither was staffed by warty Bulgarians.

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Tim Worstall said...

"There is almost nothing so terrible in all the world as the fact that the beautiful former home of Beau Nash, the celebrated Georgian dandy and master of ceremonies to the city at its fashionable peak, became a Strada."

Used to be a very fine restaurant indeed in there. Agreed, a few decades back.....