Saturday, July 1

Beautiful Big

Beware the lean and hungry look 
Which Caesar rightly feared, 
The skinny man to stratagem 
And spitefulness is geared, 
Would Cassius at forteen stone 
Have felt the need to bitch? 
And would lado fuller-faced 
Have queered Othello’s pitch? 
It’s well observed how cheerfulness 
Is found in well-filled suits. 
As those who value sweetness know 
To seek out softer fruits. 
So let us laud the larger man 
Devoid of schemes and wiles, 
Whose munching muscles swell the cheeks 
And wreathe a face in smiles

This could of course be construed as a jibe on Jeremy Corbyn. However I include Tim Hopkin's poem in remembrance of an old business partner – the one with the cadaverous face, the long, lank, skeleton hand.

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