Tuesday, July 11

Another day in paradise

Dragging my sorry body out of bed each morning is bad enough, even before reading today’s Telegraph‘New Tory crisis,’ ‘Britain’s Warships vulnerable to emerging Russian and Chinese missile threat,’ ‘Biological annihilation – Earth undergoes sixth mass extinction as humans wipe out wildlife,’ ‘Tory rebellion over moronic decision,’ ‘The Tories are not evil,’ ‘Bringing down the Government would be madness,’ ‘Mississippi plane crash, 16 killed,’ ‘Man drowns,’ ‘Summer holiday bad for child health,’ ‘Pensioners pay too much tax,’ ‘Coping with an anxiety attack,’ ‘Problems with millennials in the workplace,’ ‘My parents divorced and my father became an alcoholic,’ ‘Poor night’s sleep triggers Alzheimer’s,’ 'the Obituaries,' … I could go on but you get the drift.

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