Wednesday, November 11

You ain't seen nothing yet

‘The migrant crisis is a mere gust of the hurricane that will soon engulf Europe’ writes Slaphead Hague, who goes on to say that ‘a major study…found members of the public can forecast economic and political events at least as accurately as the experts…do consistently better than pundits and economists.’ That being so I will add my tuppence worth. At some stage Europe will manage to halt the middle-east/Africa exodus. It is just as likely that Britain, eventually, will agree – be obliged, to accommodate two to five hundred thousand of these migrants. I’m just as sure that taxes and indebtedness will rise to pay for it. Hague is also correct about the need to increase funding for African troops. Whether the public likes it or not – and it won’t – Europe will become increasingly committed to foreign military involvement. Either that or it will connive in installing more tyrants to subjugate the natives. It took Europe most of the twentieth century and two major wars to get where we are (let’s not get bogged down with the reformation), and in terms of stable democracies/economies the middle-east/Africa is a century behind. They have a lot of catching up to do, some serious wars to be fought. And I guess one way or another we will be caught up in it.

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