Thursday, November 12

The happiest of years?

Listening to the Jeff Lynne’s ELO concert on BBC Radio 2...Ah, memories. Soundtrack to the 70s. We moved from the Huntly Street garret into our first house, at Forest Park, the week ELO’s album ‘A New World Record’ was released. It was reckoned by some to have been Britain’s best ever year. However, despite James Hunt winning the World Championship, I am not so sure 1976 was the happiest of times for everyone.

Relative affordability…The value of that ’76 starter home has risen six-fold, yet the average wage is now seven times as much as back then; and I'm sure our mortgage interest rate was eye-watering.

The Search and Rescue Team were up here late yesterday evening on one of their exercises. A grisly night to choose, but then walkers rarely get lost on the moor during summer in broad daylight.

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