Wednesday, November 4

The festive spirit is closer than you think

Although the mist has lifted, further rain means it is particularly heavy underfoot. If you’d witnessed me trudging off the moor this evening you could be excused for thinking I was returning from the Dog & Duck. A pungent aroma of spices and vinegar greeted me at the homestead: Mrs G. is pickling pears and plums, and fruitcakes are baking in the oven…Christmas is on the horizon. It doesn’t bear thinking about, you say. However a degree of forethought is required, even at this early stage. Certain foodstuffs need time to mature. There’s the goose to order and alcoholic beverages to consider – gay apparel that requires dry cleaning. Get it right this month and December is pure party time – boughs of holly, decorated spruce trees, fa la la la la, la la la la.

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