Wednesday, November 18

That’ll work

Ken Livingstone to co-chair Labour’s Trident review. Give Corbyn his due, the lad meets dissent head on: and after Maria Eagle’s performance on the telly last week, his provocative appointment of Livingstone – a world-class arsehole if ever there’s one – shouldn’t surprise. I’m a supporter of Trident for a number of reasons, not least because I believe in deterrents. And if as part of NATO we buy into the need for deterrents, it would be impossible to hold our head up whilst hiding behind the skirts of America and France. My other reason for Trident is more facile. Having read Lothar-Günther Buchheim’s novel and then watched Das Boot, Ice Station Zebra, Hunt for Red October…and a couple of dozen other submarine films, I’m a fan. It’s a big boys toys thing. If you’ve been to the BAE yard in Barrow and seen one of the Vanguard class under construction you can’t help reaching for your cheque book.

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