Wednesday, November 11

Tea and cake - someone has to eat it

Moderately rough on the moor this morning, the usual horizontal rain. Thankfully I'm not up in Scotland waiting on Storm Abigail. Lots of grazing livestock about, though we have lost most of the homestead’s boarders as they move to a more benign environment this time of year. Our mascot is with us a while longer. I’ll admit the lad’s not Cheltenham material, however downhill at full stretch with the neighbour’s infant on board…

Mrs G. is cooking up a storm, jars of preserved spiced tangerines line the store cupboard (excellent with venison). Baking remains high on the agenda, am regularly force fed slabs of fruit cake and slices of date and walnut loaf...wedges of Anna Del Conte's torta di mele (a favourite). It is a tough job but someone has to do it.

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