Tuesday, November 3

Life is hard and then...

Today's Guardian highlights the Rising death rates amongst white middle-aged (male?) Americans. I suspect Russia could show our trans-Atlantic cousins a thing or two when it comes to the premature-death count. Life can be difficult without the reassuring support of fairy stories: and now, it seems, there are so many more ways to kill yourself, at least in America. I long ago settled on a variant of the Absurbism doctrine, accepting life as one long Sisyphean struggle – the secret is to never let the bastards grind you down. Or as Eric Idle sang, to always look on the bright side.

Fortunately there appears a never ending supply of bastards willing to help motivate me in my struggle against the vicissitudes of life. The BMA and WHO would do well to reflect on the cost of treating obese alcoholics that self-medicate on bacon butties and bottles of Chardonnay ... relative, that is, to the expense of defending our citizens against nutjobs in pyjamas armed with AK47s.

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