Thursday, November 5

1 (BR) Corps Outward Bound Centre (Norway)

The rain is lashing down: I am cataloguing old photos, reliving walks from the past. For this particular trek (August 1971) I was teamed with four NCOs from the Parachute Regiment who insisted on running up every mountain we came to instead of proceeding at my usual leisurely pace. They were fun days…Norway was followed by the Joint Services Mountain Training Centre near Tywyn to improve my climbing skills, and Aviemore in the Cairngorms for a ski instructor course. Most everywhere featured lots of punishing runs and/or swimming in ice-cold lochs/fjords.

I have binned close to a third of what remains of the archive. Part of me wishes I’d taken lots more pictures during the past to serve as a reminder. Another part is happy to forget, which is just as well given the way things are going. I’m told ten per cent of all the photos ever taken were taken in the last twelve months: and I wonder how many of these will be printed and retained, rather than lost to an obsolete hard drive or server?

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