Wednesday, October 14

Who would be Brandon Lewis?

Despite my implied criticism of Cameron I’m in general agreement with the lad’s push for more housing in this neck of the woods. Not least because there is probably a generation or so currently bed-blocking desperately needed homes in London and the South East. Many of these residents have doubtless grown tired of the Brick Lane scene and their ‘edgy’ life in Greater London and are keen for a more convivial existence. Additional homes in the southwest and east Anglia are part of the answer, especially if we want our kids to move to London to further their careers and party with the big boys. It’s a reciprocal arrangement. Of course there are also homes required for those wishing to make a life closer to home; not to forget quarters for migrants fleeing Syria and all points east. How you accommodate the competing demographics is beyond my paygrade: thankfully I’m not the minister for housing and planning.

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