Friday, October 2

To Exeter for supplies...

Even more of a university city than Plymouth, rated in the top ten – the world’s top 100, and working their way up the list. Pavements are shoulder to shoulder young people. Even to my untutored eye there’s a noticeable difference between the university students and the kids from the college – and yes there’s an age difference. Both are in higher education but on very different tracks. The university crowd hang out at my coffee shop (£5 for coffee and croissant) and dress in the sort of designer gear I was wearing after fifteen years at the coal face. Oh to have well-heeled parents. Many of the fortunate own a car, whilst the college boys behave like twelve-year-olds, pratting about on skate boards. I’ve a grudging admiration for the latter, however, in that though they aren’t especially accomplished skate boarders – crap, in fact, they appear more than willing to suffer the sniggers in search of experience. I’d like to think that, unlike the uni crowd, their thick skins will win out and serve them well.

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