Thursday, September 17

What the ...?

German interior minister Thomas de Maizière is planning huge cuts to Germany’s benefits for asylum seekers in a new fast-tracked bill, a copy of which was leaked to the news agency AFP on Thursday. The draft bill, dated Monday, would see refugees who have travelled to Germany via other EU countries - and should therefore be under their jurisdiction, according to the Dublin rules - refused the automatic benefits allowed under Germany’s asylum seeker law. They will only be given a travel ticket and provisions, the agency said. In addition, refugees who cannot be deported because they don’t have passports and refuse to give information on their country of origin will be refused the right to work and will lose social benefits…???

Merkel began this whole sorry debacle by promising to take hundreds of thousands of migrants/refugees per year. She has now closed the German border, and if I interpret this latest report correctly, is threatening to send everyone back to Hungary and Greece or leave them on the streets without a bean?

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