Thursday, September 24

The latest mis-selling scandal?

Elderly people should be given emotional support to encourage them to downsize, say the Institute of Chartered Surveyors. Yes, and we know where this one leads. Always treat initiatives from the ICS, Estate Agents or Solicitors with a degree of suspicion: it usually means they’re on the make. Whilst it’s true a significant number of people are keen to downsize, when they investigate they discover it results in exchanging their home for a property one quarter the size but with little left over in the way of increased savings. A smaller modern home will be cheaper to run, certainly, but it is unlikely to compensate for what you are giving up. I’m with Ella Whelan: go build your own homes (but not near me). Lord Best also needs to appreciate that looking for a new home is anything but exciting or fun. I’d rather spend time picking chicken shit from the floor of the coop.

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