Monday, September 21

Stick with Lee Child

I never did comment on the last James Bond novel, Trigger Mortis. Unfortunately for me I’d read a lot of good stuff in recent weeks and, though verging on the sacrilegious to criticise Anthony Horowitz, his book was a major disappointment. It’s not that he caught the Daniel Craig bug for reinventing Bond as a more politically correct agent, with a gay friend and wimpy conscience, that he gives up his bed and sleeps on the sofa when the girl says no, that the two women he fancies run off in a lesbian tryst…it’s the yawn-inducing pedestrian nature of the tale. 007 becomes John Nettles’ racy cousin rather than the misogynistic cold-hearted bastard we’ve come to love. Trigger Mortis is akin to reading an old Dick Francis novel, and they don’t travel particularly well. If you must, wait for the paperback. As with the film franchise I guess we will continue to see our hero reinterpreted and it won’t be a pretty sight. I should have stuck with Lee Child.

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