Monday, September 14

So much wind and hot air

Nothing gets the adrenaline moving faster than two hours at the top of an extended ladder in a strong westerly. I should have cleaned the gutters and unblocked downpipes – addressed loose roof tiles, prior to the first gales of the season, but it was question of priorities. That and my dilatory behaviour during August. Have laid out the storm boards in readiness. Came inside for a coffee break and to listen to Corbynomics commentators on Sky News. It appears the only thing standing in the way of El Dorado is the BoE’s reluctance to print more magic money, and for the government to steal privatise everything that isn’t nailed down. Good luck with those.

I’ve just listened to Dennis Skinner on the wireless. The guy’s marvellous. A total nutjob, but marvellous.

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