Tuesday, September 29

Killing time

‘Ladies fashion boots, size 5½; Piano tuition; Ford Ranger, 57 plate, MOT/FSH; Experienced massage therapist; Mature lady available for babysitting; Fully qualified taxation specialist; Handyman for gardening and general maintenance.’

I’m not sure postcards in a newsagent’s window are the failsafe guide to an area but I always read them. Mrs G’s monthly visit to Teasy-Weasy’s left me with a couple of hours to kill and I’ve never much cared for coal-hole covers. People-watching works, providing there’s people on the go. There are a couple of art galleries and several businesses selling ‘Antiques & Curios’. Lots of Georgian architecture to admire, much of it with poorly maintained sash windows (says smug man who’s just finished his painting). The area is awash with scaffolder’s trucks and builder’s skips; gentrification continues apace. No Cereal cafe but an artisan baker and a very good butcher. Not sure about the sweet shop. Jars of sour apple cubes and Welsh mint humbugs look a bit sad when displayed behind dirty windows amid hessian sacking and cobwebs. It could explain the absence of children and young mothers with prams.

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