Tuesday, September 15

It's turning cold, I need comfort food

Yesterday’s blow didn’t quite live up to the forecast. Today, however, there’s a noticeable chill, a nod to the coming winter. Needless to say the rain continues to fall.

Britain’s poor diet is more deadly than smoking, says the headline. Last week it was booze, before that butter and streaky bacon, a month from now it will be something else. I suppose they are right to keep nudging us, although for Gudgeon –  at least in healthy-eating terms – this is about as good as it gets. Ok I eat too much meat but I’m way past the five-a-day. I breakfast on Shredded Wheat and drink in excess of a pinta milk a day. You know my feelings on this subject: we are either born with a fifty-year-old body or one designed to last. Paragons die relatively young whilst others existing on kebabs and vodka stumble on another twenty-five years. It’s a game of chance. Of course the downsides for UK Plc of the latter is the half-million smackeroos each miscreant costs the health service. Of one thing I’m certain: taxing bottles of Vimto is not a panacea.

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