Wednesday, August 13

Saving for the future – a mug’s game

I see Mark Carney has told everyone to kiss goodbye any chance of a savings rate hike this side of the election. And yet if the financial press is to be believed, individuals and institutions are jettisoning equities in favour of cash? With commodities heading south and house prices supposedly a bubble, what exactly are you supposed to do with the couple of bob you have salted away at the Post Office.

 Came across an impressive forty-strong pony herd when out walking this morning. Watched as a rival stallion attempted to cut out a few of the mares to supplement his rather meagre band. Unfortunately for chummy, he was playing outside his league. Which was what I thought when the lad emptying our septic tank earlier today purloined Mrs G’s garden hose without express permission, in order to wash down his equipment. I’ve seen men lose hands for less.

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