Friday, August 1

Fish fingers and fast horses

A thumbs up and thanks for the bottle of Yamazaki Single Malt Distiller’s Reserve I received as an early birthday present. I once owned a motor cycle with a similar marque. It went like shit off a shovel – and stopped just as quickly. Usually when I came into contact with a wall, bridge or ditch somewhere along the A939.

Off to the market early this morning before the rain and crowds arrived. I’m a fan of courgettes (and purple beans, snap peas, cabbages, etc.) but you need something else on the plate other than lentils and rice or the numerous varieties of home-grown potato. If the Boss digs up many more spuds I’m going into the vodka business. As it is Friday I settled for the usual: fish-of-today being goujons of monkfish, together with a glass of Sancerre and Glorious Goodwood on the box.

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