Saturday, August 23


Whilst the forecast for Bank Holiday Monday’s fetes and fairs is dire, today is all sunshine and butterflies. The marjoram that grows outside my office window remains knee-deep in pollenating buzzy things. Though time marches on we retain plenty of colour in the yard: pinks, blues and yellows, pale tints of violet – in your face scarlet and orange borders…sweet peas and flowering gorse. Although the grass has stopped growing (slowed), autumn is just around the corner: there’ll soon be leaves, leaves everywhere.

After a morning’s graft I’ve retired to listen to the footy commentary with a glass of Navarra’s finest and a plate of tapas. A friend texts from the Chelsea/Leicester game to tell me what I’m missing.

I have a problem rationalising the price of things. Lidl sells leather biker’s jackets for £14.99, yet my local shop stings me £6.25 for a jar of peppers. They’re nice peppers but even so…Inflation is falling in part due to lower food prices – and yet a decent loaf costs three quid.

Woken this morning by the cry of a hunting horn and baying hounds. When I went for the papers the single track lane was blocked by a convoy of Land Rovers following the action. Boorish tosser that I am I was rude to a sweet old lady blocking my way.

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